'Best described as the lovechild of a romantic entanglement, between a haberdashery and a circus tent.'

Roughly sketched & satisfactorily scribbled in North London, Harpsicord truly came to life when Melissa took her meticulous senses to greater London’s markets, bazaars and the occasional blacked-out van in search of glorious materials. 

Fabric and buttons and zippers (oh my).

Upon waking the next morning and coughing up more than a few discarded pom-poms, Melissa surveyed the meters of stripes, glitter cannons and cushy sprinkles; Their velvety loveliness stuck to her heart like the sugared barnicals of a passing carnival. All had been bedazzled and bedazzled be good.

Off to her studio she stomped, poured herself a very large pot of peppermint and liquorice Pukka tea, and set to work crafting the very first samples of the Pyramid Purse collection.

More ideas dripped forth from her brain and into the steaming pile of wonder you see blu-tacked to these pages.

Originally sourced and always hand crafted, Harpsicord London wishes to decorate your universe with fanciful delights and colourful wonderment.