Large arm Candy : Mustard zest

Large arm Candy : Mustard zest


Bringing back arm candy fashion in one fail swoop with the Harpsicord tote.

Worried your drab, dysfunctional accessories are ruining your splendiferous outfits?  

Well, worry no more.  Throw this beaut over your shoulder boulder holder and stomp off into the sunset, footloose and fancy-free, safe in the knowledge that Harpsicord has got all your stylin' needs 100% sewn up (sorry I couldn't help myself!)

Dimensions : W60cm x H36cm x D13cmD13cm

Colour : Mustard Yellow (think Coleman's mustard), black straps

Material : Textured cotton, Polycotton straps

Care : Cool hand wash, cool iron, dry flat. 

++ Most items are one of a kind, but please get in contact if you would like more than one of any product or a custom order made, and hopefully, we can get you all that your heart desires ++

Handmade by Harpsicord 

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